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WordPress Optimization

Having a professional website is crucial today, as it’s often the first impression for potential customers. It’s important to ensure the website is up-to-date, secure, fast, and easy to use. WordPress Optimization offers the essential services to achieve this.

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WordPress Optimization Benefits

Discover the reasons to invest in WordPress Optimization. Here are the key advantages of this service.

Google will
appreciate it

Google likes sites that load fast, have no issues, and are secure. These sites usually rank higher.


Your website will be more liked by customers and users because it’s easier to navigate, loads fast, and is user-friendly.


A professional website shows customers you’re serious about your work. This will lead to more sales for your company.

free website audit

Get to know our Process

Our clients often say we have clear and straightforward rules. We aim to make our work process easy and open. Learn more about how working with Codesal is like.

website audit, recommendations, contract and price

You’ll get a website audit, suggestions, a contract, and a repair quote. We’ll review your site, suggest improvements, and provide a contract. If any extra issues come up, your project’s cost won’t go up.

We repair your website

Fixing a website can take up to 14 days after signing the contract. We fix every part of your website and keep detailed records. You’ll get a report that explains each step of the work done.

Now, your website works as it should

A quick and dependable website shows a strong company. Customers will like it! Also, your ranking in Google Search will go up since Google values fast and dependable sites. You’ll attract more customers soon.

Any questions?

1. Website Audit

CODESAL Website Audit
We start by checking your WordPress site for improvements. Our audit will identify issues such as technical errors, SEO issues, or security deficiencies.

How can I get an audit?

To get a free audit of your WordPress website, just provide us with the website’s URL. We’ll send you the audit within 48 hours.

How much does the audit cost?

The audit is completely free.

Does the audit contain all errors?

Unfortunately not. When creating an audit, we do not have access to WordPress Dasbhoard, so we are not able to catch all the errors that your website is struggling with. Often, in the course of work, we come across new errors, which, of course, are also fixed (each step is detailed in the final report). Importantly, the price does not change, because during the valuation we assume additional time for such surprises.

2. Technical Optimization

CODESAL Technical Optimization
The second step in optimizing WordPress involves addressing core, theme, and plugin issues. We also update these components, ensuring they work well together. This process aims to resolve all technical problems.

Benefits of Technical Optimization

  • Website without problems and technical errors.
  • Updated WordPress, themes and plugins.
  • Minimized risk of WordPress Fatal Error.

Scope of the Technical Optimization service

  • WordPress engine update.
  • WordPress plugins update.
  • WordPress themes update.
  • Removal of unused plugins.
  • Removal of unused themes.
  • Removal of unused pages.
  • Clearing the WordPress database.
  • PHP version update.
  • Repairing of any PHP errors.
  • Compatibility check of PHP version with WordPress, themes and plugins versions.
  • Increasing of PHP memory limit.
  • Site Health Status check and bug fix.
  • Fixing the incompatibility of the PHP version with the WordPress version, themes and plugins (if needed).
  • WooCommerce database update (if needed).
  • Creating a child theme (if needed).

3. Security Optimization

CODESAL Security Optimization
Every website must be securely protected. Without security, we risk attacks and viruses that can harm your website and fixing it will cost a lot. It’s important to protect your website before it happens.

Benefits of Security Optimization

  • Website secured against Brute Force attacks.
  • Your customer data is safe.
  • Implementation of anti-SPAM bots tools.

Scope of the Security Optimization service

  • Hiding WordPress admin names.
  • Closing of all XMLRPC ports.
  • Securing the login panel by ReCaptcha.
  • Securing the comments panel by ReCaptcha.
  • Securing the contact form by ReCaptcha.
  • Securing the comments panel against SPAM bots.
  • Securing the database by changing table prefixes.
  • Repairing the SSL connection.
  • Adding HSTS Header to htaccess rules.
  • Configuration of the request to connect via HTTPS protocol.
  • Changing the standard login panel URL.
  • Changing the authorization codes.
  • Locking and protecting system folders.
  • Hiding WordPress version.
  • Hiding login errors.
  • Hiding error log files.
  • Disabling themes & plugins editor.
  • Disabling the RSS and ATOM feeds.
  • Disabling the link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks).
  • Advanced XSS protection.
  • Limiting login attempts.
  • Login configuration only with SSL certificate.
  • Setting up automatic backups.

4. User Experience Optimization

CODESAL User Experience Optimization
Websites are created for people on the internet. It’s important to make sure the website is easy and welcoming for everyone. Also, we make sure the website’s features work well and the design is clear and consistent.

Benefits of User Experience Optimization

  • Simplifying the navigation on the website.
  • Increasing the conversion.
  • Eliminating design problems.

Scope of the User Experience Optimization service

  • Checking the operation of the contact form.
  • Checking all buttons on the website.
  • Checking internal and external links.
  • Checking website mechanisms.
  • Checking each subpage in terms of design.
  • Repairing the contact form (if needed).
  • Checking the checkout mechanism and design of the checkout page (fixing if needed).
  • Checking the shopping cart mechanism and desing of the shopping cart page (fixing if needed).
  • Checking the shopping path.

5. SEO Optimization

CODESAL SEO Optimization
To rank high on search engines, we focus on SEO Optimization. This involves several steps to enhance your website’s SEO. Without proper setup, you won’t achieve top rankings.

Benefits of SEO Optimization

  • SEO optimized websites are positioned higher than other websites.
  • Google bots will analyze your website easier than before.

Scope of the SEO Optimization service

  • Checking Google Analytics settings.
  • Checking Google Search Console settings.
  • Setting correct ALT tags for photos.
  • Checking the meta descriptions and meta titles settings.
  • Checking the heading settings.
  • Checking and configuring Yoast SEO settings.

6. Loading Speed Optimization

A website’s speed affects its popularity and ranking. Faster loading speeds attract more users and improve Google’s view, leading to higher positions.

Benefits of Loading Speed Optimization

  • Short loading times mean satisfied users who are more likely to use your website.
  • Google supports websites that load quickly because Google knows that users are more likely to use them.
  • A fast website also means more conversion.

Scope of the Loading Speed Optimization service

  • Optimizing photos / graphics.
  • Converting photos / graphics to SVG or WebP format.
  • Adding missing image dimensions.
  • Enabling LazyLoad for images.
  • Enabling LazyLoad for iframes and videos.
  • Minimization of CSS files.
  • Optimizing CSS delivery.
  • Minimization of JavaScript files.
  • Deferring JavaScript load.
  • Delaying JavaScript execution.
  • Configurating the cache memory.

7. Final report

CODESAL Final Report
By the end, you’ll receive a detailed report with all the activities and their fixes, including reasons. It also acts as solid documentation for future website improvements.

How will I receive the final report?

A final report will be sent to your email address with photos documenting the condition before and after the repair.

How much time do I have to pay?

You have 7 days to pay from the day you receive the final report.

Will I get an invoice?

Yes of course. The invoice will be sent to your email address.

What are the payment methods?

When paying in USD, you can pay by credit card via Stripe. You can also pay for our services via PayPal or deposit money into our US bank account. In the case of payment in EURO, payment is made only to our European bank account.

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