We will repair your WordPress Website

Having a problem with your WordPress website? Codesal has been repairing and regularly servicing WordPress websites for customers from all over the world for over 7 years. Over 245 clients from 25 countries have already trusted us. We have completed for them over 1500 projects.
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Get to know our Process

Simple and transparent rules – this is how our clients usually describe the cooperation with us. We want the work process to be as simple and transparent as possible. See exactly how working with Codesal looks like.

You get a website audit, recommendations, contract and price

You will receive a website audit from us, in which we will indicate exactly what needs to be improved. We will also present you our recommendations. Then, you will receive a contract template and a repair quote from us. What’s important, if additional problems arise during the work, the price of the project will not increase.

We repair your website

Usually, repairing one website can take up to 14 days from the date of signing the contract. During this time, we repair every element of your website, and each repair is accurately recorded in the report. Finally, you will receive a detailed report on the work done, describing step-by-step each activity performed.

Now, your website works as it should

A fast and reliable website is an excellent showcase of a solid company. Your customers will appreciate it! Moreover, your position in Google Search Engine is likely to increase, because Google appreciates fast and reliable websites. Getting more customers is just a matter of time.

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WordPress Optimization

Optimizing a WordPress website is divided into several stages. Each stage involves different activities and covers a different part of your website. Find out how the WordPress Optimization offered by Codesal looks like.
You probably know how important it is to have a professional website these days. The website is one of the first things your potential customer sees. It is worth to be sure that the website is updated, safe, loads quickly and is user-friendly. These are the absolute basics that WordPress Optimization will provide.

The WordPress Optimization package includes:

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Other WordPress Services

We also provide services other than WordPress Optimization. Consider them if you want to be sure that your company operates without any problems.


Every website needs regular maintenance to function without any problems. Thanks to this, you can avoid many serious failures and issues.

Fatal Error

Your website has stopped working? Most likely some plugin or theme has a conflict with the WordPress engine. We will help you fix it.

Database Repair

If the database connection to WordPress is broken, your website will not be displayed. There are many reasons for this problem and we can help you repair your database.

Hosting Migration

Fast, modern and reliable hosting is the basis of a professional website. We can migrate your website to the best hosting in the world.


Do you pay a lot to maintain your domains? It is worth changing the place of registration of your domains to avoid unnecessary costs.


If your website is visited by users from all over the world, it is worth configuring the CDN service. CDN provides the same website loading speed for every location.

Accounts Setup

Every professional company should have an email in its own domain. It is a must have today. We will help you configure your company’s email inbox.

Hosting Migration

Your email messages should be on a well-secured server for your business to grow. We can help keep your corporate email inboxes safe.

Email Deliverability

Your emails are not reaching your recipients? You lose a lot of potential customers! We will repair your email inbox and increase its deliverability.
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Codesal works Worldwide

We work for companies from all over the world. We have clients in 25 countries on 6 continents.